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Kathmandu KORA 17

Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge is an annual cycling event. Basically this is a Kora of Kathmandu, of the three main religious sites of Soyambhunath, Boudha and Pashupatinath. It has that religious significance, but it is also meant to be a circulations of the power centres of Kathmandu.

So many of you may thing why and how was this event started?
In 2011, Maxim Jones and Shashank Lama, both 16, took this challenge, in the first ever Kora organised by socialtours and Chain Bikes, and raised awareness amongst the 35 riders and raised close to half a million Rupees in funds that were given to a school and an orphanage in Kathmandu.

2012 was around 300 riders who raised close to Rs. 1m for Rukum.2013 was around 800 riders who raised close to Rs. 1.7m for Baitadi2014 was around 1700 riders who raised close to 1.5m for Pyutar2015 with 2500+ riders raised around Rs 7 lakh. I have been a part of this ride since 2015 and I will be riding this year too. This year the money collected from the ev…
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Tour de France

This blog is totally different from mountain biking. Its about one of the biggest cycling event of the world "Tour de France". 2017 Tour de France is the 104th edition of the Tour de France, one of cycling's Grand Tours.

This grand tour is 21 staged race which started from July 1st and will complete on July 23rd. This race starts takes place different cities in France occasionally making passes through nearby countries. The Tour de France was created in 1903. The roots of the Tour de France trace back to the emergence of two rival sports newspapers in the country. In those days they were only allowed to use fixed gear bike in the race. They thought it represent the manly hood with the change in time and development in the bike they have switched to geared bike but still  considered to be one of the most difficult race. Rider cover about 3500km in 23 days with total elevation gain of 21,125. It is an time trail race which means the rider with the shortest time to travel a…

Fat Bikes

You may see a odd looking mountain bike with really big fat wheel in the streets of Kathmandu in last couple of years. Those bike are known as fat bikes. So let's talk about that.

According to Wikipedia "A fatbike (also called fat bike or fat-tire bike) is an off-road bicycle with oversized tires, typically 3.8 in (97 mm) or larger and rims 2.6 in (66 mm) or wider, designed for low ground pressure to allow riding on soft unstable terrain, such as snow, sand, bogs and mud."

Personally I haven't rode a fat bike on the trails (if anyone wants to give me a bike for a test ride you can always contact me) but I have taken it for a short test ride. I was a really different experience. Those huge wheels were really difficult to more forward from the neutral position. But once it started to roll it down it was much easier than it was imagined. We would roll really low on PSI because of the huge tire.

I will post the full review once I get more time to spent on it.

27.5er (650B) Wheel base

In my previous blog I told you my views on 29 inch wheel base and 26 inch wheel base. In this blog I want to talk about 27.5 wheel base or also know as 650B.

Also known as 650B, 27.5 inch provides the most promise in this new era of mountain biking. Just in few years time it has rapidly accepted in this community and replaced the 26 inch by a long margin. Compared with 26-inch designs, 650B wheels hit bumps at a shallower angle, so they roll better over rough terrain, although not as well as 29ers. Compared with 29-inch wheels, 650B are lighter and stronger, with punchier acceleration and sharper handling. These wheels provide very good traction and are good for most purposes. Other considerations, such as acceleration, weight and fit may ultimately be more important factors in your choice of wheel size. A 29 in. bike is more flexible due to the elongation of the frame that comes with the larger wheel size. This can result in a bike that feels harder to handle in tight turns.

If you r…

Wheel Size | 26 vs 29

Wheel Size one of the most talked topic in biking community. 26 inch or 27.5 inch or 29 inch which one is the best wheel size? Lets talk about that.

26 inch:

It wasn't long time before when 26 was the only wheel option for the mountain biking universe. Whether riding cross country, enduro, downhill or any other variant of the sport, everyone was riding 26-inch wheels. Riding this wheel size has very its only advantage with their smaller diameter and shorter spokes, all else being equal, a 26-inch wheel will be stronger than a 650B or 29er. he smallest of the big three wheel sizes is the lightest, too, which makes for snappier acceleration.

29 inch:

29er mountain bikes became a popular alternative as they offered multiple advantages over the  then standard 26" mountain bike.  The larger wheels on a 29er gives the rider the ability to reach a higher top end speed.  They also improve overall traction with their larger footprint and they roll over objects such as rocks, roots, much…

7 Things you must have for MTB ride

We all love riding and most of the time ride are really fun. But the trails can be really unpredictable and things can go wrong in just fraction of a second. There are the list if things that I think you must have during a mountain bike ride.

1. Spare tubes:
"Hey! Watch this!" High-speed descents through rock gardens and jumps with flat run-outs are notorious for pinching tubes. Caring a spare tubes can never go wrong. You will never know when you will get a flat tube and trust me you don't wanna be the one who is holding the group behind. 
2. Tire pump:
Caring a spare tube with out a pump is pretty much worthless. You can also carry a CO2 can but in context of Nepal it is not found so easily and its quite expensive for average rider. If you are riding in a group you may share a pump.
3. Multi-tool:
Never leave home without a good multi-tool. I always opt for a multi-tool with a built-in chain tool, a T25 torx, flathead and Philips screwdrivers, and at least 2.5 3,4,5,6 and…

Easy Steps to Keep Your Bike on Perfect Condition | Part 2

In my previous blog I gave you 3 easy ways to keep your bike in topnotch condition. In this blog i will give you guys some more tips too keep your bike in good shape.

1. Inspect the drivetrain. We all know drivetrain is one of the most important section in a bike. A bike’s drivetrain includes the pedals, chain, chainring, derailleur (the ingenious little device that moves the chain to make riding easier or harder) and rear-wheel cassette (the set of teeth attached to your rear wheel). The drivetrain is important because it transfers the power generated by your legs to the rear wheel, which moves the bike. So make it a regular routine for your mtb maintenance. 

What to do: You’ll likely need a partner or bike stand to assist with this part of the tune-up. Raise the rear wheel and spin as you did when checking the wheels (task #3 above). This time, shift through all the gears. Shifting should be smooth and easy to perform. Inspect the chain, chainrings, derailleur and cassette for damage …